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The trends of digital marketing have been evolving with every passing day, and the arrival of the year 2019 definitely sets a pathway for new trends which will be comparatively better than those in the year – 2018. These trends will help you in making your business reach a larger group of targeted audiences. In fact, many 2018 trends will still continue to be a part of this new year. So, here are some of the latest digital marketing trends which will help you in getting the utmost result, let’s have a look!

Latest trends and strategies of 2019 are –

Chatbots – This trend will continue to be the most important and vital part of 2019 digital marketing. Chatbots are based on AI technology which uses instant messaging technology to chat day or night in real time with site visitors or customers. It is estimated that around 1.4 billion people interact with Chatbots and in fact, 80% of businesses are using Chatbots and some are even planning for this. By 2022 this business will reach over $8 billion per annum especially in case of healthcare and banking industries.

Rise of social CEOs – In an era of rapid technological increase, it has become important for top executives like CEOs and managers to get social. This will help in boosting the reputation of a company, build trust with users and also make the company more attractive for job applicants. There are a number of ways that CEOs can get their voices heard by everyone. A few of the most appealing and best ways are by writing on Medium, posting company blogs, posting LinkedIn or blog posts, and tweeting from a personal Twitter account.

Email automation – For a long time, email has been one of the most used and popular tools but 15 years ago it was much different. With email automation, businesses can send emails to subscribers directly based on their needs and interests and this is determined by the content and data they are working with. In fact, personalization makes it even more effective. However, customization is not only limited to email – it is applicable to all marketing efforts. Along with this, marketing automation is also a trend these days and will continue into 2019, as well.

Generation Z, a new focus area –The group of population which was born after the year 2000 is known as Generation Z. In fact, generation Z is the all-new target of marketers and social media in the coming years. The reason is very simple, as this group began “coming of age” in 2019. This generation is now or soon will be making buying decisions themselves and getting real jobs. And this will help in opening a whole new market offering better benefits in the future. Not only this, but smart marketers will also start developing strategies and tactics in order to reach a better outcome and new populations.

Virtual and augmented reality –This is undoubtedly one of the best and most exciting trends in digital marketing coming up. Both augmented and virtual reality can offer so many benefits. These resources are exciting, as with their help you can convert an audience into an active participant. Both technologies are immersive but they differ from each other in a major way — augmented reality lays virtual elements into space around us, while virtual reality is a completely immersive experience.

The trends of digital marketing are changing continuously and the marketing industry is working to keep up with these continuous changes and behavioral changes with consumers. These are some of the trends which you can start to adopt for your website now and in the future, and take your business to new heights.