How do I create and manage a mailing list?

A mailing list allows you to easily send one message to multiple recipients. You can set up the list yourself (Private) or allow people to sign up and remove themselves from the list and use the list to email everyone on it (Public). 

For example: You have created the mailing list with the name from cpanel >> mail >> mailing list which contains 100 email addresses. Sending mail to the address will send your email to all 100 people.

You can control the functioning of the mailing list through the admin panel of mailing list

    1. Login to cPanel.
    2. Locate the and click on the "Mailing Lists" icon within the "Mail" category.
Finding the mailing list icon within cPanel.
    1. Enter in all of the required information.
      • List Name - The name of the list you want to create (newsletter, etc)
      • Domain - The domain name you want the list to be created on
      • Password - The password for managing the list
      • Password (confirm) - Confirm the password
      • public - subscriptions are open
         - administrator must approve subscriptions
Fill in the required mailing list fields
  1. Click the "Create mailing list" button.
  2. Once the mailing list is created, it will appear in the list below where you can either change the password, delete it, or manage it (add email addresses, etc)

Managing mailing lists 
All your mailing lists created can be found in Current Lists section.

  • List Name - the name of your Mailing List.
  • Usage - the amount of disk space that mailing list uses.
  • Access - private or public.
  • Administrator - mailing list administrators.
  • Functions - administrative functions for the mailing list: 

Delete- the mailing list will be removed. 
Change Password - allows to change mailing list password without the old one. 
Manage - redirects to mailing list management dashboard.
Delegation - assigns administrative rights to available users. Use arrows to add/exclude selected users from the list of administrators and click Save.
Among the most common tools to manage your mailing lists with you can find the following ones: 

General options

  • Passwords - change list ownership passwords.
  • Language options - set default and supported languages for your mailing lists. 

Membership Management

  • Membership List - list of currently subscribed users.
  • Mass Subscription - subscribe new users or send invitations. You should only add required email address into a corresponding field, or import them from a file. Once done click Submit Your Changes

Mass Removal - remove users from your mailing list. 

Privacy options

  • Subscription rules - this section allows you to configure subscription and membership exposure policy.
  • Sender filters - this section contains the controls for moderation of both member and non-member postings.
  • Recipient filters - this section allows you to configure various filters based on the recipient of the message.
  • Spam filters - this section allows you to configure various anti-spam filters posting filters, which can help reduce the amount of spam your list members end up receiving 


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