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Domain Registration

All domain registrars are not created equal. Other Domain registrars will try to tell you their service is better, or that they are “a trusted name” but all that is just a cover for “we charge more and offer less”. Itabix offers more and charges less – ultra-low pricing plus incredible add-ons:

  • Free DNS Management using our best-in-class multi-homed international DNS for excellent lookup speed, fast dissemination of changes, and massive fault tolerance
  • Free domain/subdomain forwarding with optional path forwarding (send https://site1.com/path/forwarding/ to https://site2.com/path/forwarding/) and either normal or URL masking/stealth redirection using frames
  • Two free 100MB email accounts and unlimited free email forwards
  • Privacy protection for only $4.95/year – keep your contact information safe from hackers, spammers and spoofers

These are features that most registrars either don’t offer or charge extra for.

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Compare our Pricing and Features to the top three domain registrars:

Itabix Network Solutions Register.com Godaddy.com
.com $12.95 $34.99 $38.00 $14.99
.net $12.95 $34.99 $38.00 $14.99
.org $12.95 $34.99 $35.00 $16.99
.info $12.95 $34.99 $35.00 $11.99
.biz $13.95 $34.99 $35.00 $14.99
.us $12.95 $34.99 $35.00 $19.99
.eu $12.95 $34.99 $35.00 Not Available
.name $12.95 $34.99 Not Available Not Available
.mobi $19.95 $34.99 $60.00 $17.99
.asia $17.95 $34.99 Not Available $19.99
.xxx $89.95 $129.99 $129.00 $99.99
.pro $15.95 $34.99 Not Available Not Available
.tv $36.95 $44.99 $50.00 Not Available
DNS Management Free Free Free $2.99/mo
Email Accounts Two 100MB
One 1GB $2.40/month One 500MB $14.95/yr, has advertising!! One 1GB $1.29/month
Email Forwards Unlimited Free 3 Included Not Available Not Available
Privacy Protection $4.95/yr $9.99/yr $11.00/yr $24.99/yr

These registrars will often advertise domain names as low as $2.99, which sounds like an incredible deal until you read the fine print – it’s only for the first year and only on new domains. So by the second year:
Network Solutions – $2.99 + $34.99 =  $37.98
Itabix – $10.95 + $10.95 =  $21.90 – $16.90 less!
The difference becomes dramatic by the third year and beyond. So don’t be fooled – in most cases, you don’t register a domain for just a year.

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* Domain pricing and extras according to the websites of each registrar as of 9/01/12