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Secure Certificates

Secure Certificates

ssl-secureSSL (Secure Socket Layers) is a protocol for protecting confidential information traveling between the webserver and a visitor’s browser, such as credit card information or sensitive private communications. It does this by encrypting the information passed between you and the website — between the server and the browser. The protocol requires a secure certificate that serves as the “key” to allow encoding and decoding of the information on either end.

Normally you would need to purchase the certificate every year, as well as paying your web host for a unique IP address for your site. Itabix, however, offers free SSL and certificates for all of our hosting customers. So why would you need to purchase a secure certificate?

There are four reasons to use SSL and a secure certificate:

  1. Encrypting information between the server and the browser, as we said.
  2. Improving your search engine rank. Google and other search engines favor secure websites over non-secure sites.
  3. Proving who you are.
  4. Insuring e-commerce transactions.

Our free certificates can only offer the first two benefits.

This third benefi, proving that your website is actually owned and run by a legal entity, is not included in the free SSL we offer. This is especially important for e-commerce and any website that receives or distributes critical information. When you purchase a secure certificate, the certificate authority goes to some lengths to validate your business entity is real.

The fourth benefi, the certificate authority provides a certain level of insurance (lower for cheaper certificates, higher for more expensive ones) in the case of fraud.

To use a secure certificate, you will need to apply for one and also to purchase an SSL (Secure Socket Layers) hosting plan, which includes a unique IP address necessary for a secure certificate.

Itabix offers secure certificates from RapidSSL, GeoTrust and Symantec, all trusted names, at very discounted prices.

Click here to purchase a secure certificate