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Sucuri Website Security & Optimization

In our opinion, Sucuri offers the very best service for protecting and optimizing your website. It includes a vast array of complementary functions including website firewall protection (WAF), monitoring, malware removal, and page speedup using a fast, secure CDN (content delivery network) that also serves to protect your from exposure to exploits. Virtually everything you need to protect your hosted website and keep it performing optimally.

Their basic plan, which protects one website, is $199.99/year ($16.67/month).

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As you can see below, the Sucuri service is extremely comprehensive.

WAF Protection – Typical firewall plugins or applications attempt to block malicious activity once it has reached your site. Sucuri’s Web Application Firewall actually insulates your site from the Web and protects you from issues before reaching your site.

WAF protects your site against:

  • Malicious code insertion – plugins or hackers inserting code in your website pages designed to spam email addresses or send your visitors to a bad website.
  • Website hacking – any
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks where hundreds or thousands of hacked computers overwhelm your website’s traffic and effectively crash the site. Itabix includes free DDoS protection which mitigates DDoS attacks but adding Sucuri protection enhances this.
  • Zero-Day Exploits – Hackers discover new vulnerabilities every day. Sucuri’s WAF protects your site and stops suspicious behavior.
  • Brute Force Attacks Protection – the WAF stops brute force attacks that are attempting to crack your site’s password.
  • Virtual Patching and Hardening – If a security patch is released, but you can’t update your site, it becomes an easy target for hackers. Sucuri constantly updates patches and server rules to protect your site.
  • Machine Learning – Protect your website from emerging security threats. Sucuri correlates attack data across their network to better understand malicious behavior and keep your site secure.
  • Protected Pages – Add another layer of protection to sensitive pages by enabling the Protected Page feature. Add passwords, CAPTCHA, 2FA (via Google Authenticator), or IP whitelisting.
  • IP Whitelisting – Whitelisted IP addresses ensure that only your team can access website administrative areas. Restrict your admin panels so malicious users don’t gain access.
  • Application Profiling – Each site has its CMS, server software, and other technologies in the stack. Sucuri analyzes all the traffic to block requests that don’t fit your web application’s profile.
  • Signature Detection – All HTTP/HTTPS web traffic is inspected before reaching your server. With heuristic and signature-based techniques, Sucuri blocks malicious requests and attack patterns.
  • Bad Bot Blocking – When the Sucuri systems detect a malicious bot or hacker tool trying to attack your site, it is blocked automatically. Sucuri protects your site from vulnerability exploitation attempts.
  • Geo Blocking – Most website attacks come from only a handful of countries. Block all visitors from the top three attack countries with one click or choose which countries to block.

Monitoring – Sucuri constantly monitors your website for downtime, malware, hacks, and blacklist status as well as general health.

  • Website Malware Scanner – This scanner monitors for signs of website malware and indicators of compromise (IOC) with Sucuri’s website scanning tools.
  • SSL Certificate Monitoring – If any changes are made to your website’s SSL certificate (HTTPS), receive immediate alerts so you can take action.
  • Website Server-Side Scanner – Sucuri checks all files on the server for signs of malware to find backdoors, phishing pages, spam, DDoS scripts, and more.
  • SEO Spam Scanner – Spam keywords and link injections harm your brand. Discover signs of SEO spam before Google and other search engines do.
  • Blacklist Status – A blacklisted site loses at least 95% of its traffic. This scanner monitors for security warnings from blacklist authorities.
  • Website Uptime Monitoring – Websites can go down. It is critical to know when visitors can’t access your site so that you can take immediate action.
  • DNS Monitoring – Sucuri scanners detect changes to your website’s domain name system (DNS) settings, and alert you if any changes are made.

Website Malware Removal & Protection – Repair and restore hacked websites before it damages your reputation.

  • Remove Website Malware – Sucuri will safely remove any malicious code in your website file system and database, and restore your site completely.
  • Remove Blacklist Status – Websites with security warnings lose 95% of their traffic. Sucuri submits blacklist removal requests on your behalf.
  • Repair SEO Spam – SEO spam keywords and link injections harm your brand. Make sure your website looks right in search engines.
  • Prevent Future Attacks – The Sucuri website firewall (WAF) blocks attacks by filtering malicious traffic, stopping hacks and speeding up your site.

CDN Performance & Speed Optimization – The Sucuri CDN caches your website content automatically. Speed your website by 70% on average.

  • Website Speed Optimization – Improve website speed by 70% on average with the Sucuri caching options and global content delivery network (CDN).
  • Multiple Caching Options – Multiple caching options available for every type of website. Protection and speed optimization combined.
  • Reliable Website Uptime – Have your website up and running 24 hours a day. Reliable website uptime and improved website load time.
  • High Availability and Redundancy – High availability and redundancy in case of network failure. The CDN runs on a globally distributed Anycast network.
    You can also include multiple servers/VPN’s to serve your content if one server fails and/or to feed content from the geographically closest server.

To sign up for Sucuri as an Itabix client, where we will assist you as needed, click here

Once you’ve signed up, open a ticket with us if you’d like assistance getting set up.