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Web design &development

Website development consists of four core components:

    • Design – the elements of the website that are the same or similar between pages, the look of the site
    • Layout – How the information and individual design elements are laid out on the site
    • Content – The actual content in words and images (and possibly files) within the site design and layout
    • Functionality – programming and additional services (shopping carts, information display and gathering, etc.)

    Each of these components requires in-depth knowledge to get it right. For example, the layout should organize the information in a way that different learning types find accessible and that works with the visual system of the brain.

    Web design & development

    Along with these are more external marketing-related pieces relevant to promoting the website that we can also assist with:

      • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to insure your site is as close to the top of searches for your subject matter, and to increase the number of visitors to your site and the number of conversions (people who actually do what you’re hoping they will).
      • Social Media Optimization to “spread the word” and make it easy to find you, and to increase your search engine ranking.
      • Site statistics for tracking and analyzing visitor data

      Some of the sites we’ve designed/developed that we currently host:

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