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Sucuri Web Security

Sucuri is a full featured security and speed optimization service including a number of components that work synergistically to protect, repair and speed up your website.

The Sucuri Web Application Firewall (WAF) defends your website against hacks, viruses, malware and DDoS attacks (note that Itabix includes free DDoS protection for all of our client’s sites) scans for malware, infections and and vulnerabilities from your website.

The Website Scanner constantly monitors your site and:

  • Detects infections and indicators of compromise (IOC) such as backdoors, phishing pages, spam, scripts, SEO spam and more.
  • Scans for any blacklists your site is listed on.
  • Scans for changes in your DNS, SSL certificate.
  • Monitors your site and notifies you if it is down.
  • Plus, the Global CDN (content delivery network) accelerates and load balances your website while preventing DDoS attacks.

Incident Response: If your website has been compromised, or if you are concerned that it has been, the Sucuri team will clean and secure your website.

Sucuri Content Delivery Network (CDN) increases the speed of your website by distributing your static pages, images and files to servers around the world so that your site is “local” everywhere. This also greatly reduces the load on your website’s server and lowers your bandwidth.

Sucuri is a highly respected expert in website security. Itabix is a Sucuri Partner, as well as a customer. After using Sucuri on several sites with consistently excellent results, we were so impressed that we decided to offer their services. As a partner, when you purchase a service from Sucuri using our link we will be your first line of support and can assist you, or if you are signed up for our WordPress:Managed hosting we include full Sucuri management (if you’d like) including set up of Sucuri services and the Sucuri WordPress plugin, monitoring and responding to issues.

Click here for more information and to purchase Sucuri for your website Note that this link will open in a new browser tab/window.