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Itabix specializes in building the fastest WordPress Hosting environments on the web. If you have never used WordPress before and want to know everything about it, then you are in the right place. This guide assumes that you have no knowledge of managing a website so we’ll keep a light on the technical jargon.

The reason why millions upon millions of websites continue to choose WordPress everyday is because it’s very easy to use and, through the use of themes and plugins, can be made to appear and function pretty much any way you want.

Wordpress Hosting

Most important things to pay attention while getting a WordPress are:

1.Selecting a Hosting Plan:

Selecting the right web hosting plan that suits both your long and short-term goals can be one of the hardest decisions you will have to make when it comes to starting your new WordPress. Itabix believes that starting strong and on the right foot can really help accelerate a new site’s growth forward, especially since page speed has become such an important factor when Google and other search engines are determining your page ranking.

2. Selecting a domain name:

Web hosting has hundreds of different variables that together deliver up your website to the internet – all of these variables ensure that your website is always visible, scalable and fast.

A domain name on the other hand is just like your home address, there isn’t much to it other than to help send traffic in the right direction. It can be purchased anywhere as full control over your domain name comes with simply sharing your login details with Itabix. Once your domain name is registered, you must now point your domain name servers (DNS) to your new web hosting service. All domain registrars are not created equal. Other domain registrars will try to tell you their service is better, or that they are “a trusted name” but all that is just a cover for “we charge more and offer less”. Itabix offers more and charges less – ultra-low pricing plus incredible add-ons:

1. Free DNS Management using our best-in-class multi-homed international DNS for excellent lookup speed, fast dissemination of changes, and massive fault tolerance.
2.Two free 100MB email accounts and unlimited free email forwards.
3. Privacy protection for only $4.95/year – keep your contact information safe from hackers, spammers and spoofers.

These are features that most registrars either don’t offer or charge extra for.

3. Selecting a WordPress Theme:

The most attractive part about WordPress is the ability to Customize WordPress Theme. A well designed and well built WordPress theme will give you complete flexibility and control over editing your pages and layouts. There are tons of great themes out there, and many excellent websites that bring them all together for you. There are themes for every type of WordPress site, from e-commerce to blogging, through to industry specific shops and communities. When selecting a theme, be sure to look at both the visuals, but also the reviews. It is of course very important a theme looks good, but it is even more critical that it is easy, simple and also powerful to use. Remember, this is the foundation of your entire site!

4. Getting started with some housekeeping duties:

  • You should delete all the posts or pages that are created by WordPress automatically. So head to Posts, tick the box beside the title, select Move to Trash and click Apply. Do the same for Pages and Comments section.
  • Next, you should also change your website’s permalinks. By default, when you create a new post in WordPress, the URL to that new post is not readable or Search Engine friendly. Go to Settings – Permalinks and choose Post Name, then save.
  • It is also a good idea to change the time zone of your WordPress site. This feature will especially affect you if you use “Scheduled Post”. Scheduled Post is a feature that allows you to automate the posting of new posts at a preferred time. Go to Settings – General and you’ll see a drop-down menu where you can select either a location or a time zone. For people on the East Coast, selecting New York works fine.