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Website BackupThere’s an old saying with people who work with computers – if it’s not in two places, it doesn’t exist. What this means is, if you are relying on your computer’s hard drive to save some information, a photo, a program, then you’re eventually going to be upset when your computer fails you and you lose it. In simple terms, a backup means to make a copy to keep the data safe in case of data loss.

Your website is sitting on a web server, a fancy name for a computer dedicated to serving information over the Internet. There can be accidental or intentional things that can destroy the data on your company website. A website backup is just like an insurance plan which you invest in to keep anything secure against uncertain situations. Any website owner can invest in to protect the website against a disaster.

To have a website backup may prevent your website from things like accidents or mistakes, hacks, computer crashes, and updates gone wrong.

Importance of Website Backup

Here are the reasons why Website Backups are important, because whether you have a backup or not can either make or break your online presence.

  1. Mistakes happen:

Mistakes from humans are inevitable and normal.Mistakes, like deleting an important file or clicking on the wrong button, etc. can easily result in a broken page or a broken website. Your Hosting provider may not necessarily have safeguards and backups of your website right in place. Itabix provides daily backups to safeguard you against such mistakes.

  1. Malware and Viruses:

Viruses, Trojan Horses and other malware are files that enter into and acquire your system and can bring your website down. They can get uploaded unknowingly, or they can enter your firewall through loopholes. Backing up your website lets you restore the previous data on your website if your website stops working properly.

  1. Wrong Updates:

Updating plugins, software, and other features of your website is strongly recommended but updating them may sometime corrupt your files or conflict with other plugins or your theme. Now your customers are angry, you are losing money and it becomes a panic situation. This can get you in immense trouble, but if you have a backup, with a single click of a button you can restore your data. Thus, a reliable website backup is worth every penny.

  1. Hacks:

If you have an open source (WordPress) Website, this means everyone has access to its source code, and hackers go through the code looking for weakenesses they can exploint, putting your website in danger. Your updates are easily known to the hackers worldwide. They update their code and wait for websites that do not perform regular updates. If you are not backing up your website regularly then you are making yourself the perfect target.

  1. Computer Crashes:

Computers crash all the time, and when it crashes, your hard drive can become unreadable, wiping out any backup of your website you have stored there. Itabix’s backup system will help you if your computer crashes by providing a backup service for your website, keeping your data safe for future use.