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If you are wishing you could easily make changes to your website, would like a redesign, or want to add functions without expensive coding, you might want to switch your website to WordPress.

WordPress is the most popular CMS (content management system), used by 60% of all web developers and running 1/3 of all websites on the web! And there’s a reason for that. WordPress speeds up website development, makes it fast and easy to add complex functions such as site search, dynamic content and e-commerce, and allows non-coders to easily make changes to their content. Nowadays many websites developed in HTML or PHP and even other CMS’s are getting converted to WordPress. Still, some are afraid to convert their site from PHP or other CMS’s to WordPress for fear of spending lots of time and money, and possibly losing data.

Unless you’re good with HTML code and want to get your hands dirty figuring out the more complex parts of WordPress, it’s best to a WordPress expert to convert your website. If all you want to do is to copy your existing content to WordPress in an off the shelf design, that can be very fast and inexpensive.

Advantages of using WordPress :

Easy to use: WordPress is easily installed and modified whenever required.
Easy to customize: WordPress comes out of the box with most of the functions you need for a basic website, but there are literally millions of free and paid designs (themes) and plugins that add additional functionality or features to it.
Support: As WordPress is the most popular CMS, there are a large number of developers and hosting companies supporting it, and new plugins and themes are added every day.

Thus, for those who are looking for converting or updating their website, WordPress is highly recommended.

Migrating To Itabix

If you are interested in moving your site to Itabix, feel free to contact us.

Itabix is different. We are a one-stop shop for everything Web – WordPress hosting with management along with the development of websites and plugins, website hosting, domain names, website and mobile app development and programming, search engine optimization, social media management, secure certificates, shopping carts, VPS and dedicated servers….all things Web. We specialize in WordPress. We can convert your website to WordPress inexpensively, or do a complete redesign as well as host and manage your WordPress site with our dedicated team of WordPress developers. We can do just about anything with WordPress.

We have the lowest prices on managed WordPress hosting starting at only $14.50 per month. You can also transfer your domain name to us, or select a new domain name.

If you’d like to switch your hosting provider to us, we can handle setting up hosting, transferring your domain name, and setting up the website. You’ll need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Sign up for an account: You’ll need to sign up for an Itabix account.
  2. Open a ticket in your account and let us know what you’d like to do, and we’ll get things started.
    For transferring your website, we’ll need your current host’s control panel URL and your login information. You’ll also need to supply the information for changing your nameservers and/or updating your DNS if that’s a separate location, or we can tell you how to change it if you’re comfortable doing that.
  3. If you have your email with your hosting provider, we’ll need to set up email in your account and talk with you about transferring any old emails to the new account.

Once these steps are done the migration will start and it will usually take around 24 hours to migrate the data to our servers. Once the whole data is transferred and gets verified by you that all the data is intact, it is safe to terminate the account with the old host provider.