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Business Email Address provides a market value to the organization. A business Email Address can be considered as an indirect branding of the business and also develops trust between the clients and the business, as well as with other business too.

An effective way to create a Business Email Address is through Google’s G Suite and Gmail. G Suite allows a company to create a business Email address with multiple users with your own domain name.  A business Email Address can be created through other domain services providers but should be a thoroughly verified one.

What is a Business Email Address?

A Business Email Address will have its company name in it. For Example – name@yourcompanyname.com. Many companies provide their mailing address as XYZ.company-name@gmail.com  which does not look professional and in the long term can harm the goodwill of the company, as clients would rather work with a more professional company.

As long as you have a domain name (and preferably a company website) you can create a Business Email Address with G Suite.

Why G Suite?

There are many companies which provide as many email accounts as you would like with your own domain name and in low cost, often included with your web hosting as it is with Itabix. But they may not be very reliable and secure or they may only allow you limited space. When thousands of emails are needed to send and receive on a daily basis, no one wants to miss an email.

G Suite has 4 million paying businesses and 70 million G Suite for Education users. Whereas Gmail, which is the same system but with @gmail.com instead of a custom domain name, has 1.5 billion active users worldwide.

Benefits of G Suite for Business Email  Address:

  • Easy to Use and provides high-security level to the data
  • Most important of all, high deliverability, no delays, no ending up in a spam folder.
  • Can use other Google applications as well, including Calendar, Hangouts, Google Drive, and can easily be synchronized with Outlook or other email programs.
  • Can be managed through the Application on any handset when you are offline.
  • Includes 30 GB of inbox storage
  • Alias addresses/forwards that can go to one or many recipients.

How to create a Business Email Address?

G .Suite is mostly used to create a  Business Emil Address. G Suite is a Business Productivity, Brand and Software Suite that allows use Gmail with own business email address.

Creating  Business Email Address with  G Suite

  1. Choosing the plan :

There are three type of services — Basic, Business and Enterprise — with two types of plans, Flexible and Annual. All three types of services have different pricing and can be chosen according to the requirements of the organization.

  1. Registration:
  • Enter your Business Name with the number of employees.
  • Provide personal details and proceed with the domain name.
  • Provide domain details and verify it.
  • Create a G Suite account with username and password (username is a business email address, so choose accordingly)
  • G Suite account is created, now add employees and get started.

G Suite accounts are like any account in Gmail but they can be managed by your administrator. You can add or remove any account anytime and anywhere. And for any trouble, you can get assistance through  24/7 support.