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What is Web Hosting and how does it work?

Web Hosting uses a powerful server where people can store their website and make it available over the World Wide Web. It is thus, the service that makes your website visible to others on the Internet by providing space on its server.
Web hosting service refers to the server that hosts your website or the hosting provider that rents the server space to you.

Data Center refers to the facility to store the servers. Moreover, a data center is usually a building equipped with backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls like fire suppression, and high security.

Web Hosting Terms

  •  VPS Hosting: VPS Hosting is an abbreviation for Virtual Private Server Hosting. It is a new form of web hosting. VPS hosting dedicates server resources to specific accounts. VPS Hosting is based on Virtualization Technology in which one server is divided into multiple virtual servers that act exactly like a server, albeit with more limited resources than the actual server. 
  • VDS Hosting: VDS Hosting stands for Virtual Dedicated Server. VDS is an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud offering. It divides a physical server into a number of isolated servers to provide a powerful platform at an affordable price. The difference between VPS and VDS is that a VPS uses virtualization software running on top of the operating system, whereas VDS software runs directly on the server, making it faster, more secure, and more reliable. 
  • CDN Hosting: CDN Hosting stands for Content Delivery Network Hosting. It is a group of servers, usually scattered around the globe, that store your website’s content for faster delivery. They are optimized to deliver website content, including web applications, fast by shortening the distance between the web browser and the server delivering content. The focus of CDN’s is on improving the performance of web page delivery and isolating the web server from hacking and attacks.

Types of Hosting Services

Shared Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting

Cloud Server Hosting

Reseller Web Hosting

Colocated Web Hosting

Things we should consider when selecting a web hosting service

  1. Tech Support: Make sure that your hosting provider keeps customer support on priority. You should always choose a host that offers 24/7 live support to their clients.
  2. Backups Availability: Without a backup plan you will lose the data on your website. So choose a host service provider that offers regular web data backup.
  3. Ability To Add Domains: Choose a web host that provides different service plans that allows you to add new domains.
  4. Email Options: Choose a web host that provides email hosting for your website email. Because if you have a spam problem, your hosting provider is responsible for it.
  5. Scalability:  Something which is preferable now might not be preferable after two years. Choose the company that offers the ability to scale your web hosting resources up (VPS & Dedicated server, Load balancing etc).
  6. Price: Price shouldn’t be the deciding factor, however, you should choose an affordable but not necessarily the cheapest web hosting solution. Saving a few dollars a month won’t feel worth it when your website is down and you can’t get tech support.

Web Hosting Infographic